Relax and unwind to your favourite music in the lounge, bedroom or while soaking in a hot bath. Play soft gentle music throughout your home and create an air of calm and tranquillity.

Throw a party and entertain friends with a sound system that provides every room with a clarity and depth of sound that is second to none. Play the same tracks in every room or have fun and tailor each room with music to suit your guests. Rock music in the living room, soul in the kitchen and chill out mixes in the bedroom.

X-Home's Whole Home Audio systems are stylish and simple to use. Wall mounted keypads and remote handsets give you access at the touch of a button to your entire music collection. In addition you can operate all audio and hi-fi equipment regardless of their location.

No more wires or unsightly speakers that sit uncomfortably in your rooms, cables are hidden in walls and stylish in ceiling or in wall speakers deliver sound to each room.

Bring your favourite movies to life with one of X-Home's Full Surround Sound systems.