The X-Home Box lies at the heart of your multi media system. It controls all incoming services such as terrestrial TV, satellite, telephone, external CCTV cameras and door entry systems.

Information is processed here and distributed to each room and relevant outlets i.e. computer / telephone sockets, TV outlets, in-ceiling / in-wall speakers, audio and mood lighting keypads.

Active equipment such as computer switches, routers, modems, TV servers, telephone bridges and whole home audio hubs are installed within the control centre.

Source equipment e.g. DVD players, hi-fi equipment, sound servers etc. can be positioned discreetly alongside the X-Home Box and still be controlled from any room via the infra red pass through system.

X-Home uses a high specification cabling infrastructure. This ensures that you will be able to respond to future changes in technology. Be prepared for the 21st century.
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